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Tips on Writing a Good Satire Essay

❶I like this 0. An example line might be, "Andy Garbo drinks tons of coffee a year to make sure he keeps his stock in Folgers profitable.

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How to Write a Satire Essay
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A Modest Proposal is a great example of a particularly effective satire as it not only criticizes an idea in this case, longstanding beliefs in Europe, and especially Ireland, about poverty but does so in a manner that draws the reader in and allows him to think through the use of satire. The opening passage establishes the poor conditions those in poverty live in, in a sympathetic and reasonable way.

By then segueing into the outright grotesque and exaggerated solution for how to deal with such a problem — feed the poor children to the wealthy — Swift immediately causes one to take notice of the severity of such uncaring empires and their attitudes.

Thus, exaggeration is again an important device. The notion of who is speaking is also important. While the children in question are Irish, the speaker of the piece is an Englishman. This leads to the object of satire being the tyranny of England and their less than humane approach to dealing with problems such as poverty. The satire is of those such Englishmen being unaware of the cruelty and coldness in their own behavior, thinking only on behalf of how they can efficiently get logistical problems solved.

Such radical ideas, one can conclude, are exaggerations of the types of European attitudes at the time that Swift wished to criticize. In A Modest Proposal, Swift is generally satirizing a great deal of European problems, from the rigidity of government, to injustice to the cold logic of empires without a realistic view of humanity. Instead of allowing the reader to interpret the degree of ridiculousness in what a particular character is saying, Swift takes a more straightforward — yet equally effective — approach.

This time, it is another character pointing out to the narrator, Gulliver, how absurd the ideals of England are when looked at from a critical perspective. Swift suggests that they, like Gulliver, for the most part foolishly accept the institutions of England passively and self-satisfied. If Gulliver is indeed to represent the typical Englishman, his naivety in understanding the faults of his own country are to be compared with the benign nature of the people of England, as Swift saw it.

Both Voltaire and Swift effectively used the tool of satire as a means of exploiting problems in European society, and forcing them to be noticed as the flaws that they were. You can also order a custom written research paper, term paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on satire from our professional custom essay writing service which provides high-quality custom papers.

Waterford Whispers News takes that stereotype and spins it into a witty and engaging site. As you might expect from an Irish website, there is an abundance of swear words.

In fact, the majority of headlines on the site include at least one curse word. The content itself is split between local-themed stories and global events. The practice has recently evolved into something much more insidious and annoying. Read More , Upworthy, and other similar clickbait sites. Private Eye is a British publication.

Even more astonishingly, its circulation figures are rising. It averaged , copies a week in , a new record. The publication is famous for its biting sarcasm and public ridiculing of everything from newspapers to Prime Ministers. These games make it fun, and will keep you coming back! Read More satire publication. Read More that parody the news of the day. The publication has frequently found itself on the wrong side of the law, most recently in when a proposed front cover pictured King Juan Carlos passing a crown of feces to his son and heir, Prince Felipe.

The publishers present it as a serious news outlet, with sections for News, Sport, Politics, Opinion, and Psychology. It takes a left-of-center stance on most issues and has earned a wide following among students as a result. The topics normally revolve around politics, but anything is fair game. Readers can expect three or four new articles every week. You will find a reason to laugh with these 15 top websites that tickle your funnybone. After The UnReal Times made the surprise decision to shut down in late , Faking News has been left as the standout satire news site in India.

As with several other sites on this list, the site presents its content as if it was real news. Given its location, the stories primarily focus on India and its neighbors.

SatireWire was live between and , then took an eight-year hiatus before returning in In its initial three-year run it picked up a hatful of Webby Awards and frequently rivaled The Onion in readership numbers.

It ceased operations when the creator left to write a book, and later, work for the BBC. MPs laugh at colleague who once performed manual labor without servant help. The site oscillates between satire based on reality and downright comedy. They predictably give politics and current affairs the most attention, but there are also sections for Sport, Business, Celebrities, Lifestyle, and Video.

Where do you go for your daily fix of funny faux news? Which sites deserve to make this list? As always, you can leave your thoughts and recommendations in the comments section below. Your email address will not be published. Pete the Cooler PetetheCooler. I mean, whoever operates the site does a fantastic job. Some Kind of Diaper. There are only a few articles that come out per week or month?

As someone else said, it's very intelligent if you get it. I used to be an Onion reader but I felt it got stupid, or maybe I grew up. The Diaper site is the only satirical news site I go to - I like satire but it's not something I'm going to read a lot.

I second that big-time. Satire that's smart, I've noticed only my smart friends appreciate it. This list apart from Private Eye is pathetic. There is little or no true satire there. The Daily Squib is by far the most accurate use of real satire on the web today and I'm speaking as a professor of literary studies from a leading UK university.

I don't understand the reason why I cannot subscribe to it. Is there anybody else getting identical RSS problems? Anybody who knows the solution will you kindly respond? He updates it regularly at Facebook. A second for the Babylon Bee. Great stories bashing every denomination and group you can think of! I love the Babylon Bee. Even though it's Christian-themed, it appeals to both Christians and people who like to make fun of Christians.

There's the new site The Confounding Variable - clean, sophisticated, funny theconfoundingvariable.

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- This paper will address the failures of political satire to encourage political action, despite the fact that studies have shown that it is conducive for political knowledge acquisition. People may be attracted to political satire because it turns an undiscussable topic as politics into a light-hearted affair.

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this essay is just a persuasive essay. This is great but its lacking the satire part. there is nothing in here thats making fun of your point. This is the theory behind the satire.

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Jun 11,  · Satire Essay Topics List According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, satire is defined as “humor that is used to make fun of and often show the weaknesses of someone or something.” Satirical or satire essays often make use of humor, irony, and hyperbole to . Satirical essays use humor, hyperbole and irony to criticize or poke fun at a subject. They are often aimed at political candidates, celebrities or current events. While satirical essays primarily entertain readers, the satire writer often seeks to provide relevant, useful, eye-opening information.

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Example Of Satire Essays Satire Noun. A literary manner which blends humor with criticism for the purpose of instruction or the improvement of humanity The necessary ingredients • Humor • Criticism, either general criticism of humanity or human nature or specific criticism of an individual or group. What is a Satire Essay? A satire essay is a work that is meant to poke fun at a particular subject. Some of the most common satirical essays are written about political candidates during an election. The author typically finds material that is interesting because of its level of irony.